Survey: Tablet users love digital magazines, want to buy directly from ads

A new report from The Association of Magazine Media reveals that, thanks to the rise of digital magazines, tablet owners are reading more, but want the ability to buy directly from adverts.

The report found that 66% of people who read magazines on tablets and e-Readers think they’ll be spending more time with digital issues over the next year, while 90% are respondents said that they are consuming as much – if not more – magazine content since acquiring a tablet.

Many readers prefer the newsstand-style of magazine subscription, and 76% prefer this format to reading magazines through individual apps. Approximately 55% would like to read back magazines in digital format, while 83% and 86%, respectively, are interested in archiving or sharing an article or entire issue.

Furthermore, the study found that 69% of people like watching in-app videos that run for less than a minute, and indicated that 89% of readers want publishers to adopt a uniform way for navigating digital magazines.

The survey also discovered some interesting patterns regarding mobile commerce. A considerable 59% of respondents said that they want to buy directly from adverts, with 79% saying that they want to be able to purchase products and services directly from editorial features.

‘The Magazine Mobile Reader’ report is one of the first studies to look at how tablet and eReader owners consume digital magazines and was conducted earlier this month by research firm Affinity. The study comprised 1,009 adult mobile device owners.

“Digital magazines are taking the medium to the next level,” said Christopher Kevorkian, EVP/Digital, MPA.

“While various research has long proved that print magazines drive purchase behavior, digital magazines hold the promise of creating a direct link between purchase intent and actual transaction. The study proves that consumers look to magazine media to create that opportunity.”


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