ADOBE DPS : Analytics

Hello DPS users \ fans, here is a good document from ADOBE which explains what exactly can be monitored through DPS analytics using either the DPS PRO, ENTERPRISE of with a full SiteCatalyst account. Take for good that most of the “juicy” counters are not available to DPS PRO subscribers.

For example, what good is it to know if a page has been viewed when you could know how much TIME has been spent on it? How often has happened to us to flip carelessly through the pages of a Digital Magazine without actually “seeing” the content? Would we really care to monitor that kind of action?

Anyhow some counters are really handy, for example the fact that you can track ads and videos opened in them. There would be a lot to be explained for many metrics but most of them speak for themselves.

Baseline analytics are included in both the Professional and Enterprise editions of Digital Publishing Suite. Publishers with an Adobe SiteCatalyst subscription can access digital publishing data directly in SiteCatalyst for advanced analysis, leveraging the full suite of SiteCatalyst report categories. Also, Baseline provides pre-defined reports, while SiteCatalyst data views are configurable.

Here are the available metrics:

Metric Baseline Analytics SiteCatalyst
App Metrics
App Version
Viewer Version
Application Installs / App First Time Launch
App Startups / launches
Time Spent per Visit
Issue Buy and downloads
Issue Purchase Starts
Issue Purchased
Purchase Type
Issue Download Starts
Issues Downloaded
Issue Download Recoverable Errors
Issue Download Failed
Issue Download Pathing
Issue Download Cancelled
Issue Download Error Type
Publications & Issues
Issue Name
Issue Fulfillment ID
Publication ID
Articles and Content
Content Title
Ad Title
Article Title
Page Number
Sub-Page Number
Event Type
Content Type
Content Views
Ad views
Edit Views
Content Browsed
Online Status
Event Context
Path reports
Ad Title
Article Title
Rich Media
Overlay Type
Overlay Starts
Overlay Stops
Video Starts
Video Stops
Audio Starts
Audio Stops
Visitor Profile
Social Media
Social Share
Custom HTML tracking