Digital Publishing to iPhones: An Untapped Revenue Stream

WoodWing evangelist Victor Cardoso wrote this article:

“Publishing to the iPad and other tablet devices has been a welcome boon to the publishing industry. It’s established that customers are willing to pay for quality content in a portable, electronic form. And yet, the iPad — which has been the most successful tablet device — represents only 67 million devices worldwide. The iPhone, introduced earlier and available at a lower price point with carrier subsidies, has almost three times as many users with a 175 million device footprint.

The good news is that WoodWing’s Digital Publishing Tools, in conjunction with Adobe DPS, offers quick and easy creation of iPhone content with the option of creating universal apps — those that work on both iPhone and iPad.

As an example of how lucrative iPhone publishing can be, I offer up a business case of a particular WoodWing customer: Mainichi Newspapers, publishers of the popular TAP-i daily newspaper in Japan. With their iPad edition, TAP-i received a respectable 70,000 daily readers. But — hold on to your hats — with the recent inclusion of an iPhone edition, TAP-i readership swelled to over 200,000 readers daily. That’s not to say that every iPhone edition will receive similar success, but it certainly goes to show the potential inherent in the smartphone form factor.

For information on how to get started with an iPhone edition in your WoodWing Enterprise installation, check out our recent webinar,Adding iPhones to Your Digital Publishing Strategy, available on our YouTube channel.”

source: Victor Cardoso from WoodWing


WoodWing and Adobe DPS Integration – The Next Wave in Digital Publishing

Since the announcement of the Digital Publishing Alliance between WoodWing and Adobe in October last year, WoodWing engineers have been working closely together with the DPS development team at Adobe to create the best possible digital publishing solution.

Some days ago, Adobe released Sprint 18 of its DPS solution, while WoodWing made available version 7.5.1 of its multi-channel publishing system Enterprise. This marked another significant step forward on the path to sync the features of WoodWing´s Digital Publishing Tools and the Adobe Content Viewer. This latest release now enables WoodWing customers to create new editions of their digital publications that contain almost all the exciting features previously offered by WoodWing´s own readers.

Particularly noteworthy are the options for nested interactivity Adobe´s Content Viewer is now able to display. Designers can combine hotspots with web, audio and video elements as well as slideshows, dossier links, and even widgets. Widgets are HTML5 objects enabling an even higher degree of interactivity; they can be easily integrated in the page layouts of tablet publications. In addition, hotspots can be created in scrollable areas and, vice versa, scrollable areas can be defined in hotspots. Even hotspots on hotspots are possible.

All these features are essential to create an exciting reading experience and to easily structure even comprehensive content in a clear and reader-friendly manner.